Money, Sex, Power.

Money, sex, power.

I bet that caught your attention.  And it should, since these are the three top reasons leaders, organizations, and governments crumble.

Think back to a painful memory of the past, and ask yourself if someone in a position of influence forgot the power of these three traps, and it cost them everything.

Sadly, when this happens the collateral damage extends to the innocent, the parents, the children, and hardworking Americans.  

What’s the fix?  Ethics.

For almost 200 years, those before us gave their lives to fight for equality, social justice, and protection of human rights.

How can we possibly do our part and strengthen our position without a solid ethical foundation?  

To be clear, I am not talking about personal values.  How you raise your children, family traditions to which you subscribe, or personal feelings and beliefs you hold sacred.  

These are differences that make us who we are.  

Ethics are moral rules of conduct, of which cannot be broken:  Bullies, thieves, liars, these are people who are okay with such a lack of character.  We stand for principles that are cast in truth and forged in solidarity.

1.Ethics is our foundation, our base, our cornerstone.  If all four corners are not protected, it will fail.  Build your life on a firm ethical foundation.

2.Ethics create limitations.  It builds in stop signs and highlights danger zones.  It reminds us, we can’t have everything we want when we want.  Limitations keeps us humble.

3.Ethics protect organizations.   The ones our names are attached to, our locals, our families, and our Party.  If we create an ethical train wreck, all of us pay.

4.Ethics protect the individual, what we stand for, and our last names.  People can say what they want, but when you overflow with ethical evidence nothing sticks.  This can only be done through daily deposits of doing the right thing when no one is looking.  

Let us continue to fight for equality and social justice while standing firm on the solid rock of ethics.

Chris Swanson


Office of Genesee County Sheriff

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