Application to Be Appointed Precinct Delegate

Application to be Appointed a Genesee County Democratic

Precinct Delegate

The Genesee County Democratic Party (GCDP) is encouraging local democrats to become Genesee County Precinct Delegates. You will be empowered to be one of the representatives in your Precinct for the GCDP. This is a way for you to bring information on candidates and issues to your neighborhood. You’re also encouraged to help with Get Out The Vote (GOTV), bring your issues to the County Party, and subsequently to the State Party. Precinct Delegate responsibilities also include voting to elect local and state committees and voting for local and state officers at County and State Conventions. Please get involved and make sure your voice is heard!


Name ________________________________________DOB_________




Telephone number___________________________________________


Precinct Number______________________Date___________________



Please make sure you join the MDP online at Follow the GCDP on Facebook for updates. Thanks for your help bringing Your Voice to Your party!

Keith Flynn, Genesee County Democratic Party, Chairman

Genesee County Democratic Party, Precinct Organization Committee

Nate Faris (810) 730-5823,  Michelle Gushen (810) 223-4425, Co-Chairs

Application to be Appointed Precinct Delegate – Printable Version

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