Call To The Genesee County Democratic Party Convention – Spring 2018

Call To The Genesee County Democratic Party Convention

In accordance with and under the rules of The Michigan Democratic Party, the Genesee County Democratic Party issues this call to a County Convention to be convened at 10 AM on Saturday, March 10, 2018.  The Convention shall be held at UAW Local 651 located at 3518 Robert T. Longway Blvd. in Flint, Michigan.

The purpose of this Convention shall be to elect Members and Alternates of State Convention Committees and to consider resolutions to be forwarded to the State Party.  The Genesee County Democratic Party has been allocated one Female member of the Credentials Committee, one Male member of the Resolutions Committee, and one Female member of the Rules Committee.  Those Committee Members will be elected by the County Convention assembled on March 10, 2018.

Delegates to County and District Conventions shall be the Precinct Delegates who were duly elected at the Primary Election held August 2, 2016, the nominees for County and Legislative office as set forth in Party Rules Article 5 C, and members of the Michigan Democratic Party whose membership was renewed at least thirty (30) days prior to the County/ District Convention. Precinct Delegates, Democratic elected officials and Democratic nominees to partisan offices may become members that day when they register at the County and District Conventions.

The Agenda for the Convention shall be as follows:

A. Call to Order

B. Election of Permanent Convention Chair

(This is the person who will chair the convention)

C. Appointment of Convention Secretary

(This will be the official record keeper of the convention. This person will also be responsible for sending minutes and results to the State Party)

C. Credential Report

(This is a report out of all credentialed delegates for the convention)

D. Rules Report

(This will be the time to review and accept voting procedure for the convention)

E. Election of Convention Committee Members & Alternates

(State allocation by office and gender)

F. Resolution Consideration

G. Good & Welfare

H. Adjournment

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