THANK YOU! from Jim Smith


Now that Election Day 2018 is in the history book, I’d like to thank all the people who made this a successful Coordinated Campaign.

Thank you to the wonderful organizers who worked long hours for days on end. Nathan Faris, Kiara Powell, Regina Straham-Flynn, Dominique Brown, Gary Jones, Jia Ireland and Annie Cross are the rock stars who did the hard work necessary to make everything happen. Teamwork made the dream work!

Thank you to all our friends from the UAW and our volunteers who knocked doors, made calls, wrote letters, labeled envelopes, sorted lit and all the other things that are not glamorous but necessary to help our candidates win. You are amazing!

Thank you to Drew Marsh, Barb Reehl and Terry Cross who worked tirelessly alongside the organizers to make GOTV run flawlessly. You are incredible!

A special thanks to Charna Flynn who handled our communications and to Nicole Derusha-Mackey who made our fundraiser happen and helped me with graphics. Your contributions to our efforts were invaluable!

Thank you to all the folks who brought food and beverages to headquarters to keep our staff and volunteers well nourished. You were so generous and we are very grateful!

And a very special thank you to all our incredible candidates. Your dedication to public service and your hard work, regardless of the outcome, is something for which every Democrat should be grateful. You are an amazing group of individuals and I can speak for the entire team when I say we were privileged to work for every one of you!


In solidarity, Jim Smith, Director Coordinated Campaign

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