Genesee County Democratic Candidates – Election 2018

Please remember to vote in the Mid-Term Elections on November 6, 2018.  To find your polling location, please click on Your Voter Information on the Michigan Voter Information Center website.

The list of Democratic candidates pertaining to Genesee County are listed below along with links that were available:

Governor: Gretchen Whitmer – Website – Facebook

Lt. Governor: Garlin Gilchrist II – WebsiteFacebook

Michigan Attorney General: Dana Nessel – WebsiteFacebook

Secretary of State: Jocelyn Benson – WebsiteFacebook

Michigan Supreme Court Justices: Samuel Bagenstos – WebsiteFacebook & Megan Cavanagh – WebsiteFacebook

US Senator: Debbie Stabenow – Website – Facebook

Congress – 5th District: Daniel T. Kildee – Website – Facebook

State Senator 

14th District: Renee Watson – Website – Facebook

27th District: Jim Ananich – Website – Facebook

32nd District: Phil Phelps – Website – Facebook

State Representative 

34th District: Sheldon Neeley – Facebook

48th District: Sheryl Y. Kennedy – Website – Facebook

49th District: John D. Cherry – Website – Facebook

50th District: Tim Sneller – Website – Facebook

51st District: David E. Lossing – Website – Facebook

County Commissioner

1st District: Bryant W. Nolden

2nd District: Brenda Clack

3rd District: Ellen Ellenburg – Facebook

4th District: Kim Courts

5th District: Mark Young – Facebook

6th District: Greg Curtiss- Facebook

7th District: Martin L. Cousineau- Facebook

8th District: Ted Henry

9th District: Bobbie Clayton Walton – Facebook

State Board of Education
Judy Pritchett
Tiffany Tilley

UM Board of Regents
Jordan Acker
Paul Brown

MSU Board of Trustees
Brianna Scott
Kelly Tebay

WSU Board of Governors
Bryan Barnhill
Dr. Anil Kumar

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